Our QA (Quality Assurance) system ensures that the service we provide is of high quality and consistent. The system also ensures that project documents are traceable, irrespective of the time that passed from the time of completion. 

Our QA system is not just a computer program that we have purchased. It is a system that we have developed in-house since the company’s inception in 2009.

The QA System consists of the following three components;

  • The Quality Manual
  • The CRPM (Customer Relationship and Project Management) Database
  • The file/folder structure on our company server 

This is this important, because our QA system ensures that our projects have:

  • Constancy and high quality: Written work instructions for most tasks regarding how the tasks are executed and how they are peer reviewed ( all work is peer reviewed before being released)
  • Manageability: The CRPM database records optimises projects via taking into consideration project stakeholder’s perspective and the analysis of risks & opportunities. Also optimisation of budgetary constraints, project milestones, tasks, deadlines and email communication are managed
  • Traceability: The file structure for each proposal or project is consistent. Each proposal receives a unique proposal/project code for the database

Therefore the QA System ensures that our work is carried out in a consistent manner and is peer reviewed before it is released.

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Snapshot from the CRPM database

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Snapshot of a process