For our residential services, Blue Green Engineering has collabarated in the past with many architects and builders. We offer the following services:

1. ZELE (Zero-Energy Low-Energy buildings)
2. SiM-DS (Simulated Mixed-mode-ventilation Design Service)

A detailed description follows.


{Zero-Energy Low-Energy Buildings}

ZELE is a consultancy service that aims to provide cost-effective and practicle avenues for project stakeholders (i.e. architects, builders or building owners/managers etc.) to create new or transform exisiting buildings to Low or Zero-Energy buildings.

The service offers objective information via 3-D energy modelling simulations, which greatly assist in the project stakeholder in making informed decisions.

The service is delivered in five steps by providing the following tasks:
1. Sustainable options modelling (for new buildings or renovations)
2. Energy audits and energy monitoring (for existing buildings)
3. Detailed design (mechanical and electrical services)
4. Project management, services during construction and or commissioning
5. Verification of energy performance


{Simulated Mixed-mode-ventilation Design Service}

The purpose of this service is to design and deliver mixed mode heating and cooling systems for buildings.

The service is delivered in five steps by providing the following tasks:

a. Modellng of natural air flows for particular: openings, buildings; and locations
b. Optimisation of passive measures to improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency
c. Introduction of suplementrary cooling and heating systems
e. Provision of a detailed design, which may include: Passive elements, Mechanical and control systems
f. Provision of commissioning services