Blue Green Engineering combines energy efficiency and renewable energy design services to provide a total home package.

For existing buildings we offer a low energy home solution, where existing systems are replaced with more efficient options to reduce the total energy use of the home. For new buildings there is an opportunity to design a zero energy home.  The combination of sustainable building design, energy efficiency and solar power can result in a home that needs very little or even no electricity from the grid.

For both low energy and zero energy home services, a Blue Green Engineering engineer conducts a site visit and carries out energy use monitoring where possible. This data is used by our engineering team to create an options report, with financial payback and performance estimates.

The options in the report may include but not limmited to the following:

  • Solar power systems
  • Hot water system options such as solar hot water, heat pump or gas
  • Innovative HVAC (heating ventilationand air-conditioning) systems
  • Lighting products and design
  • Energy monitoring systems

As Blue Green Engineering provides a range of services, there is ample opportunity to tailor our offering to meet any needs. Often we can provide dual use systems (e.g. integrated hydronic heating and solar hot water unit) to improve energy efficiency. Our overall approach is to make whole home efficiency simple by delivering turnkey solutions from concept to design and construction through to verification of the energy savings.