Case Studies

Here is a snap shot of just a few of our domestic projects.

Mechancal services design - Mosman NSW

Project type: Energy modelling and HVAC (heating ventilation and air-conditioning) design
System type: Many HVAC sub systems were downsized and integrated into a single control interface
Site Location: Residential building at Mosman NSW
Client: M. Grant Architects

Energy modelling was used to optimise and reduce the size of a typical HVAC system. Consultation with the client, architect and builder helped define a system that was simple to construct, maintain and operate.

Blue Green Engineering used 4M BIM (building information management) to produce a design and tendering documentation.

The HVAC system consisted of the following subsystems:
• Multi-head air conditioning systems
• Boiler
• Underfloor heating system
• Radiator heating system
• Central controller

Other project stakeholders involved in the project:
• 4M
• Mitsubishi Electric
• Rehau

Home energy audit - Lilyfield NSW

Project type: Energy audit
Site Location: Residential building at Lilyfield NSW
Client: Emily Knight Architects

Energy modelling was used to optimise and reduce home energy consumption, while the building was going through a major refurbishment.

The results of the study where:
• The first 15% savings with $0 capital outlay
• 25% addition energy savings with a capital outlay that pays back in 5 years or less

Ventilaiton system design - Marrickville NSW

Project type: Energy modelling, design and services during construction
Site Location: Residential building at Marrickville NSW
Client: Private

The challenge was to design a ventilation system that cooled the house adequately. However noise issues from air planes from the nearby airport had to also be taken into consideration.

Off-peak cooling and heating system - Hurlsone Park NSW

Project type: HVAC (heating ventilation and air-conditioning) design, project management and commissioning
System type: Off peak heating and cooling system
Site Location: Hurlstone Park NSW
Client: Research facility

Blue Green Engineering design an innovative HVAC system that utilised chilled water storage and gas heating with the purpose of reducing peak energy consumption.

The main system components used were:
• Mini chiller
• Existing rain water tanks (which were insulated)
• Plate heat exchanger
• Direct digital control system
• Indoor Fan coil and radiator units
• Gas boiler

Other stakeholders involved in the project were:
• Automated building controls, who was the contactor
• Air Solutions who supplied the fan coil unit
• 4M who kindly supplied the HVAC load, electrical and piping design software