Some current government funding opportunities for eligible organisations are listed below.

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The NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)

The Energy Savings Scheme reduces electricity consumption in NSW by creating financial incentives for improving the energy efficiency of your facility.

Following the installation of energy savings measures (i.e. lighting, HVAC upgrades, power factor correction) energy savings certificates (ESCs) are generated. These can then be traded on the market.

Blue Green Engineering is an Accredited Certificate Supplier (ACP) for the generation of ESCs.

Also, as consultants we have no affiliation with products. Our designs ensure that contractors install for clients the optimal hardware that generates the optimal amount of ESCs for each unique project.

Blue Green Engineering has the expertise to generate ESCs under the following methods:

  • Commercial lighting formula (CLF)
  • Metered Baseline method (MBM)
  • Project impact method (PIM)

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Rebates for renewable energy systems

a) Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

The Federal Government program benefits installations of small scale solar (less than 100 kWp), wind or hydro and solar hot water or heat pump hot water systems.

Blue Green Engineering can claim STCs and Solar Credits on your behalf.

The amount you can receive depends on the value and the number of certificates. The value of the certificate fluctuates with demand in the market, and the price can vary from day to day.

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Homeowners or professionals involved in residential projects should visit to see all rebates currently available.

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