Blue Green Engineering approaches each commercial project through the following five-step process:

  1. First, an energy audit is conducted. This provides an analysis of the energy consumption of the business premises, and proposes efficiency measures detailing potential savings and cost.
  2. Second, energy data is retrieved from the utilities company. This data is used to establish detailed energy use patterns for the premises.
  3. Third, Blue Green Engineering designs energy efficient options to meet the energy efficiency needs identified in steps 1 and 2.
  4. Fourth, Blue Green Engineering project manages the implementation of the chosen energy efficiency options.
  5. Finally, Blue Green Engineering monitors the new system to verify the savings as initially outlined in step 1.

At Blue Green Engineering, each of these steps is performed by highly qualified engineers managing a team of professional contractors who have extensive experience working with sustainable projects.


New Buildings
Energy Audit Energy consumption analysis
Proposal for efficiency measures
Potential savings
Potential cost
Energy Monitoring Smart Energy Metering  
Engineering Design Energy efficiency design
- Lighting
- Industrial processes
- Controls
- Co-generation

Renewable energy design
- Photovoltaics
- Solar hot water
- Wind energy
- Biomass

Sustainability design
- Energy modeling
- BCA section J
- NABERS repositioning studies
- ESD studies
Implementation Project management commissioning
Verification Energy savings confirmation