Low-energy buldings


Commerical energy audit for a large office building

Project type: Energy audit on HVAC (heating ventilation and air-conditioning) and BMS (building management system)
System type: Chilled water system with remote air handling units
Site Location: 20,000 m2 office buildings at Macquarie Park, NSW
Client: Goodman Property Services

Blue Green Engineering conducted an energy audit on a large office complex with the purpose of optimising the existing HVAC system without the need of investing extensively in new infrastructure

The main focus of the energy audit was:
• Verification of operating times and holiday operating periods
• Resolution of conflicts between base building cooling and supplementary cooling systems of data centre and meeting rooms
• Optimal temperature control (start-stop, P versus PI control, temp. dead-bands etc.)
• Definitions of upgrades that require a low capital outlay

The results of the study where:
The results of the study where:
• The first 15% savings with $0 capital outlay
• 17% addition energy savings with a capital outlay that pays back in 6 years or less

Other stakeholders involved in the project:
• Doust Automation

Section J via the verification method

Project type: NCC Section J report via the JV3 energy modelling verification method
Site Location: Moorebank, NSW
Client: G E Hunt Architects
Nordon Jago Architects

The challenge was to specify building fabric materials, glazing and HVAC systems that complied with section J. However the aim was to reduce the construction cost while improving the energy performance of the building.