Rebatable upgrades


Gerenation of ESCs for Cummins South Pacific

Project type: Claiming of ESCs (Energy Savings Certificates) under the CLF (commercial lighting formula) of the NSW ESS (energy savings scheme)
Site Location: Whetherill Park NSW
Client: Cummins South Pacific Ptd Ltd

Blue Green Engineering was engaged to generate energy savings certificates for this large industrial client.

Generation of Energy Savings Certficates via the Metered Baseline Method

Project type: Pilot program claiming the creation of ESCs (Energy Savings Certificates) under the MBM (metered baseline method) of the NSW ESS (energy savings scheme)
Site Location: NSW
Client: Educational institution based in NSW (client details withheld)

Blue Green Engineering was engaged to prepare a pilot method for a single building for this large educational institution. The project is ongoing and has not been completed yet.

Rebatable upgrade for lighting efficiency

After conducting an energy audit, Blue Green Engineering implemented an action plan to improve the energy efficiency of ‘Guru Labels’, a graphics design commercial office located in Tuggerah NSW.

The plan involved replacing existing lighting with energy efficient alternatives, which are described as follows:
• replacement of 2 x 36 watt fluorescent light fittings with light fittings that contained a single 36 watt fluorescent tube
• replacement of halogen down lights with with LED down lights

As a result, it was possible to achieve a significant reduction of 67.5% in the energy consumption for lighting. This translates into estimate savings of $2,000 per year.

In addition, the capital cost for the program was halved, because Blue Green Engineering was able to secure a 50% rebate from the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program.

After the rebate, the payback period was approximately 2 years. For the next five years, the energy savings will exceed $10,000.

Finaly, the new lighting solution did not just reduce the energy consumption, but has also provided a crisp, modern look in the office.